Kitchen Boxy - Outdoor Kitchen KB360

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An outdoor wall-mounted or island-type kitchen is a functional and space-efficient culinary setup designed for outdoor cooking and entertaining. This type of kitchen is  installed against an exterior wall, making it a convenient and accessible extension of indoor living spaces.

The kitchen is built with durable and weather-resistant materials like stainless steel, weather-protected impregnated wood and HPL to withstand demanding outdoor conditions.

Outdoor Kitchen includes a variety of cooking appliances suitable for outdoor use, such as a built-in grill and a fridge. These appliances may be fueled by gas, and electricity.

The kitchen provides countertop space for food preparation and serving. Storage cabinets are incorporated into the design to keep cooking utensils, dishes, and other essentials organized and protected.

A sink with running water is often included for convenient cleanup. It allows for easy washing of hands, utensils, and cookware.

The neutral, attractive but discrete design can be customized to complement the overall style of the outdoor space and the existing architecture of the home. It provides a versatile space for hosting gatherings, family meals, and enjoying the outdoors while preparing delicious meals.

2 variants of mounting:

- Island-type (360° access, covered rear side)

- Wall-mounted (270° access, rear side uncovered, sticked to the wall).

100% weatherproof materials:

- Body and fronts: Powder coated galvanized steel

- Top: HPL12 mm compact top for outdoor use

Outdoor Kitchen KB360 set contains:

1 x open cabinet

1 x closed cabinet

1 x closed cabinet with a sink and battery (Franke)

1 x cabinet with a built-in fridge (Franke)

1 x cabinet with a built-in grill (Grandhall G5 Elite).

 Delivery: Production lead time: 12-14 weeks

Mounting (Kitchen type): Wall-mounted (rear side uncovered)
Worktop: Color/Decor: K551 SU 12mm (HPL - light marble structure pattern)
Doors & Sides Color: Creme 605