GarageBOXY - design your own!

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Introducing GarageBOXY, the ultimate solution for organizing and optimizing your garage space. GarageBOXY is a revolutionary system of modular metal panels designed to transform your garage into a personalized haven of organization and functionality.

With GarageBOXY, you have the power to customize your garage layout to suit your specific needs and passions. The system serves as a versatile base for various elements including metal cabinets (both hanging and standing), closets, shelves, racks for tools, and more.

Say goodbye to clutter and chaos as GarageBOXY empowers you to create designated spaces for all your belongings, from tools to sports equipment, and everything in between. Whether you're looking to create a tidy storage system, eliminate disorder and dirt, or build the ultimate man cave retreat, GarageBOXY provides the flexibility and adaptability to make it happen.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of a well-organized garage with GarageBOXY – your gateway to a space that reflects your lifestyle and passions.

Your garage, your rules.

Product specification

Construction material

Galvanized steel

Width of elements

1 mm (doors)
3 mm (stiffening elements)


Powder coating


Prepared for DIY assembling


Flat packs


2 years

Delivery time

3-4 weeks (Europe)